Once you have made the decision to buy a property in Mexico the next step is to secure a Real Estate Agency to represent you in the process.  This is not mandatory however it is highly recommended as real estate purchasing is never a straight forward process here in Mexico. 


Having a qualified, AMPI (The Mexican Real Estate Association) trained representative who has access to all the professional resources available through the real estate association will assure that your real estate purchase process happens smoothly and timely.


My services as a brokerage only start with the viewing of properties.  Once I have helped with the selection process there is a huge diligence process to make sure the deal is legitimate.  I determine if the seller has legal authority to sell the property and is informed of the potential Capital Gains Taxes applicable in advance of the deal.   In the case of pre construction sales we do our diligence to determine if the developer has the financial capacity to follow through with the development and has all building permits and contracts required through the entire construction and has a proven track record of delivering as promised. 


At the delivery I am  closely involved to make sure there is a smooth transfer of ownership to the buyer with full services installed, utilities transferred to buyers names, and has fulfilled all aspects of the agreement.